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Are you a successful trader?

Do you consider yourself an experienced trader? Would you like to share your knowledge with others? The FNDZ platform gives you the opportunity to help others and earn rewards in the process.

  • Performance rewards
  • Leaderboards
  • Built-in analytics tools

How it works for traders

Connect your wallet
Connect your digital wallet to the FNDZ platform. If you do not have a wallet yet, you can download one here.
Create a vault
Set up and customize your digital asset vault in less than five minutes.
Start trading
Begin trading and earn a commission for every new follower that joins your vault.

Powerful trading. At your fingertips.

FNDZ gives you potent tools to create, manage, and grow your digital asset vault. We offer multi-chain trading and high-speed order execution via DEX aggregators. All from a single interface.

Manage your vault with ease

  • Compare gas fees
  • Trade across multiple DEXs
  • Whitelist addresses for exclusive access
  • Get more followers with referral bonuses
  • And more!

Advertise your performance

If you are a trader with limited followers but stand-out performance, you can also use your FNDZ tokens to advertise your track record and attract more followers.

Stay up to date

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Get in touch

Whether you’re a trader, DeFi project, or a business, we want to hear from you. Contact us to get started.

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