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What currency can I buy FNDZ with?

Through Pancakeswap you will be able to buy FNDZ with either BNB or BUSD

What is the slippage percentage?

The slippage percentage will be at 1% – 3%. If a lot of trades come in at the same time the slippage may increase. Please be aware of that.

Where can I buy FNDZ?

FNDZ will be available through Pancakeswap at launch. The url for Pancakeswap is

How many tokens will be available on Pancakeswap?

There will be 7.800.000 tokens available on Pancakeswap

What will the launch price be?

The launch price will be $0.24 

What wallet can I use to buy FNDZ tokens?

FNDZ is able to show up in both MetaMask and Trust Wallet. You can use both wallets to buy FNDZ tokens.

I have Android what wallet should I use?

You can use Trust Wallet through dApps or Android on Google Chrome or any Android device

iOS removed dApps on Trust Wallet. Can I still use it?

Yes! You can still use Trust Wallet to buy FNDZ tokens. You need to connect with PancakeSwap through WalletConnect.