Join the FNDZ Referral Race and win up to $5,000 in FNDZ tokens!
  • Refer a friend and get rewards!
  • What’s the goal?
  • Where can I see my points?
  • What are the rules?
Refer a friend and get rewards!

Ready. Set. Go!

Get ready for the FNDZ referral race! We've got plenty of big prizes up for grabs!

Here’s the deal: we’re launching a referral competition where the Top 5 finalists will receive a share of $3,000 in FNDZ tokens. You’ll also get 1% of the deposit value for each successful referral!

And to top it all off…there is a $2,000 lottery! When you deposit $100 into a vault, you get a chance to win $200 in FNDZ tokens. Ten lucky people will get the $200 reward.

What’s the goal?

The aim of the game is to refer as many friends as possible to a FNDZ vault of your choice. You earn rewards for every $100 deposit made through your referral link!

How it works

  1. Go to the FNDZ App and select a Trader or Index Vault;
  2. Click ‘Vault Details’ and then tap the ‘Refer a Friend’ button in the top-right corner;
  3. Share the vault with your friends and get them to deposit a minimum of $100 BUSD/USDT;
  4. For each referral you will receive a 1% bonus in the form of vault shares;
  5. You can keep track of your referrals on your personal dashboard;
  6. The Top 5 finalists get FNDZ token rewards!
  7. Optional: You can create a vault and refer your friends to your own vault.
Where can I see my points?

You can track your progress on the referral dashboard. The more friends you refer to a vault with a minimum deposit of $100, the higher your score. Bear in mind that even if you are not in the top five, you will still get 1% of every deposit made through your referral link!

Referral Leaderboard Prizes

What are the rules?
  • Your referral will only be valid if the new member makes a minimum deposit of $100 in stablecoins (BUSD, DAI, USDT) into a FNDZ vault;
  • Rewards will be distributed after the competition ends on September 30, 2022;
  • Deposits must remain in the vault until September 30, 2022 to qualify as a referral.
  • The top 5 referrers with the highest number of unique deposits will win a share of the prize pool.

The Race starts here:

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