FNDZ soft launch reflection
  • The soft launch results
  • Staking launching soon
  • What’s next

April was an exciting and historic month for FNDZ. After a year of development, and a multi-stage launch that began in April of 2022, the first stage of soft launch is now complete, with close to 1,800 unique visitors in the first 20 days. The initial release of the FNDZ copy trading platform began with a $10 deposit limit on indexes and user-generated vaults. As of this morning, there are more than 90 vaults. This number is all the more impressive considering the 24-hour limit on daily deposits and recent market volatility. The soft launch itself was part of a rigorous product testing process to monitor the stability of the platform under mainnet trading conditions. The open beta was specifically designed to collect feedback from the community, identify bugs and improve usability. Feedback has been resoundingly positive, and our developers are working hard to implement the suggestions we received from the community.

The soft launch results

What’s most exciting to us is that we are attracting users outside of the core decentralized finance (DeFi) user base. In fact, many of our users had never heard of DeFi before using FNDZ, and we look forward to connecting them with professional traders in June when we release the platform in full. To date, we have 147 total deposits and 89 individual depositors, and we continue to see sustained user growth. However, this success did not come easily. We spent more than six months working with integration partners like ParaSwap and specialized smart contract auditors to ensure a safe and reliable trading experience. As we continue to expand our list of platform features and tradable assets, we are confident that we will set the standard for the entire industry of social trading for years to come.

Staking launching soon

“The development took time, but we are pleased with the results. At the moment, we’re adding conditional order types and working on opening up our API endpoints. This will bring us up to speed with the latest functionality for DEX trading. In our next phase, the growth phase, we will expand the index and run a large referral campaign to attract more users. What we are really excited about is the staking mechanism we built where real performance from traders is linked to the staking APY.” said Valentino Cremona, Founder of FNDZ Copy Trading.

What’s next

The next phase of the FNDZ launch will begin on or around the start of May. During this period we will expand the range of FNDZ index vaults and remove all deposit limits. At the same time, we will be making some upgrades that will continue to expand the platform’s capabilities into the future. Be on the lookout for a major announcement during the coming weeks as we enter Phase 2. There will be an opportunity to stake your $FNDZ tokens on the FNDZ platform and earn a share of fee-based revenues in multiple types of tokens - both large and small cap. And we will have a major competition with BIG prizes up for grabs!

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