Getting started with FNDZ: What you should know!

Welcome to FNDZ and the new world of DeFi copy trading! FNDZ is now live on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet and fully open to the public. Starting today, users can connect to the FNDZ copy trading platform and explore a world of decentralized asset management.

  • Key points
  • How can I get started?
  • What can I do as a copy trader?
  • What can I do as a vault owner?
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Key points
  1. Users can now copy top-performing traders by depositing into a trader’s vault from their digital wallet of choice;
  2. Deposits will initially be limited to $10 every 24 hours;
  3. Withdrawals can be made after a minimum term of seven days;
  4. FNDZ users can create their own copy-trading vault and set custom fee levels and participation rules;
  5. Vaults can be private and invite-only (perfect for managing cryptocurrencies on behalf of family and friends), or public and open for all FNDZ users.

As part of the launch process, we invite you to try out the platform and share your feedback in our Telegram or Discord channel. Most features will be available from the start, with the exception of some advanced trading features. Feedback will be collected until April 30, 2022.

Please note: FNDZ does not have user accounts. Instead, FNDZ connects directly with Web3 wallets like MetaMask. This means you never give up control over your assets or private keys. Only your unique wallet ID has the authority to withdraw your assets from a vault. They are always safely stored in a FNDZ vault governed by a smart contract.

How can I get started?
  1. Download and install a BSC Web3-compatible wallet, such as MetaMask. Because Metamask is the most widely adopted wallet, we’ll use it for this tutorial.
  2. Add Binance Smart Chain to your MetaMask.
  3. Deposit stablecoins into your MetaMask (BUSD/DAI/USDT). If you need help obtaining stablecoins, visit this ‘How to buy’ guide.
  4. Next, go to the FNDZ website and launch the FNDZ app.
  5. Select the vault you would like to contribute to and press “Deposit”.
  6. A window will open where you can specify the amount you want to deposit. When you are done, click "Deposit" again and confirm the transaction in your MetaMask pop-up notification.
  7. Allow MetaMask to spend your stablecoins (i.e. send your BUSD to the smart contract vault) and press “confirm”.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON TRANSACTION FEES: You can edit the BSC Network gas fee in MetaMask by pressing “edit” and choosing a custom gas fee. Note that lower fees have slower transaction times.

What can I do as a copy trader?
  1. Connect your Web3 wallet and explore crypto vaults and indexes;
  2. Deposit stablecoins (BUSD, DAI, USDT) into managed vaults ($10 daily limit);
  3. Automatically copy the trades of vault managers in exchange for a fee;
  4. View vault performance and the FNDZ Top 20 Leaderboard;
  5. Monitor all fees, trades, and results in the ‘My Portfolio’ section;
  6. Deposit stablecoins (BUSD, DAI, USDT) into index vaults created by FNDZ;
  7. Withdraw your funds after a minimum term of seven days.
What can I do as a vault owner?
  1. Create your own crypto vault with custom fee levels and crystallization periods;
  2. Whitelist addresses who can deposit into your vault;
  3. Trade assets on Binance Smart Chain using the FNDZ trading console;
  4. Access DEX liquidity pools directly from FNDZ;
  5. Benefit from the lowest possible gas fees via our ParaSwap integration;
  6. Encourage users to share your vault by offering a referral bonus;
  7. View vault performance and returns in the ‘My Vaults’ section;
  8. Compete for a top position on the FNDZ Leaderboard and in trader tournaments.

How does FNDZ copy trading work?

Copying the trades of cryptocurrency experts is simple. The first step is to make a deposit into a ‘vault’ which is managed by an experienced trader. A vault is essentially a set of smart contracts which contain the digital assets under management by the vault operator. The vault operator executes trades on the assets in their vault, sharing the earnings with contributing individuals.

The smart contracts ensure that users retain control over their assets, giving them the freedom to withdraw their funds to their preferred Web3 wallet.

Which wallets does FNDZ support?

FNDZ supports a variety of Web3-compatible wallets. These include the following software wallets: MetaMask, Wallet Connect, Binance Chain, and Coinbase wallet. FNDZ also supports the following hardware wallets: Trezor and Ledger.

How do I make a deposit?

In the top, right-hand corner of the vault view page is the ‘Deposit’ button. Clicking this will bring up an interface allowing you to choose the amount and type of asset you wish to deposit into the vault. To make a deposit, simply specify the amount and type of asset to be deposited and check the box to indicate agreement with the terms and conditions. Deposits will show up in the vault view under the ‘My Deposits’ heading and can be withdrawn by clicking on the ‘Withdraw’ button.

Is FNDZ secure?

FNDZ’s security is one of our main concerns and it is the reason we maintain high security and quality standards. We’ve introduced a number of systems to ensure users, assets, and the underlying infrastructure remain protected at all times. Individuals deposit assets in a vault, but only their unique wallet ID has the authority to withdraw those funds. They are always safely stored in a FNDZ vault governed by a smart contract. Neither FNDZ nor traders have direct access to your wallet or funds. The importance of audits by credible security organizations should not be underestimated. Our smart contracts are regularly audited and approved by trustworthy auditors before mainnet deployments.

Does FNDZ charge fees for copy trading?

Joining FNDZ is free of charge. Revenue instead flows from a variety of fees. Note that all fees are fully transparent; there are no hidden fees or charges. Fee-based revenues go partly to vault owners and stakers as rewards; partly to FNDZ for the sole purpose of maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure.

Four types of fees may be charged:

Management fee: Vault owners have the option of charging their followers a management fee. Management fees represent rewards for services rendered by vault owners in setting up and operating vaults for others. The management fee is set by vault owners and ranges from 0 - 3%. **The fee is split evenly. Half goes to the vault owner and the other half to the FNDZ DAO.

Performance fee: A performance fee is chargeable on the profits earned by a vault owner. It is not applied in cases of negative performance. Where a vault owner’s strategy has been successful, the performance fee is levied following a crystallization period. This period is by default 90 days but is subject to modification by individual vault owners and can be set to weekly, monthly, or quarterly intervals. The vault owner may set a performance fee ranging from 0 - 30% per vault. The performance fee is split into three parts. One half of the performance fee, or 50%, goes directly to the vault owner. Twenty-five percent go to the FNDZ DAO; the final 25% flows into the FNDZ staking pool.

Referral fee: Vault owners can incentivize users to share a link to their vault. For every new user who makes a deposit into a vault on FNDZ, the referrer will receive a reward in the range of 0.5 - 1% of the total deposit. Any FNDZ user can freely invite their friends via a vault referral link.

Trading fee: There is a small fee payable upon each transaction. It is a maximum of 0.2%, all of which reverts to the FNDZ DAO. The FNDZ DAO does not profit from these fees; rather, these fees are used to improve the platform, through various features such as trader tournaments, or they are used to buy back tokens and then burn them.

How do I withdraw my funds?

Withdrawals work much like deposits and can be carried out at any time by clicking the ‘Withdraw’ button in the top-right hand corner of the vault view page. Clicking this will bring up an interface allowing you to specify the amount you wish to withdraw from the vault. To make a withdrawal, specify the amount in the entry field and click the ‘Withdraw’ button. For each withdrawal, a flat fee is paid by the user to cover the transaction costs of moving their cryptocurrency out of the vault. Withdrawals will show up in your wallet of choice upon completion.

What is an index vault?

FNDZ offers index vaults made up of a selection of cryptocurrencies. These index vaults feature auto-rebalancing strategies for various asset compositions, such as a market cap weighted average; category indexes such as the Top 10 DeFi coins; and the Top Five altcoins tracking a specific market segment. Management fees between 1 - 2% and performance fees between 1 - 10% are charged for index vaults. As index vaults have running costs, fees are first put towards meeting these costs; the remainder reverts directly to the FNDZ DAO.

What is the FNDZ token?

The FNDZ token is a utility token (governance token) which serves a variety of purposes. The goal of introducing the FNDZ token is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact on the FNDZ platform. On the platform, FNDZ tokens are used for advertising, fee settlements, as well as referral and staking bonuses.

Tell us what you think!

User feedback is very important to us at FNDZ as it helps us improve the platform and overall user experience. FNDZ would like to hear from you, so please make sure to provide feedback where you see fit.

FNDZ encourages its users to spread the word to family and friends, trade groups, traders, and anyone else who wants to join the growing community of crypto users around the world.

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