How to withdraw your funds

Dear FNDZ community, We would like to kindly ask that you withdraw your funds from all Phase 1 vaults so that our IT team can implement the user feedback we received during the FNDZ soft launch. To withdraw your funds, please follow the steps below.

1 Connect your wallet to the platform, then go to the “My Portfolio tab”.

2 In the “My Deposit” section you will see all the vaults you have deposited into.

3 Next, select the vault you wish to withdraw from and select the “Withdraw” button. Please note, you must withdraw your funds from all Phase 1 vaults.

4 Then select the amount to be withdrawn, in this case using the “MAX” button, since you want to withdraw the entire balance.

5 Make sure you have some BNB in your wallet to pay the withdrawal gas fee.

6 Click the “Withdraw” button and you will get a MetaMask pop-up like below.

7 "Confirm" the transaction and once it goes through on the blockchain, your withdrawals will show up in the wallet of your choice.

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