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Our platform

Learn and earn from top crypto traders on the only social trading platform that was built for DeFi portfolio management.

Platform Features

Top traders are tracked on a leaderboard. The best performers will appear on the front page and get the most exposure.
Onchain verified PNL
Profits and losses of traders are verified on-chain. Results have never been more transparent in the ecosystem.
Advertising options
If you are a trader with limited followers but stand-out performance, you can use your FNDZ tokens to advertise your track record and attract more followers.
Trader challenges
New trading challenges are available every week. Top traders will win a prize pool and compete with the best traders in the market.
Referral system
When someone joins a trader’s vault via an invitation link, 0.5 - 1% of the deposit is paid into the user’s wallet as a referral bonus. Of course, this only applies where the trader has positive performance.

Control over assets

While using the FNDZ platform, you retain full control over your assets. Only your unique wallet ID is authorized to withdraw funds from a copy trading vault. The assets are always safely stored in your wallet upon withdrawal.

Easy to use

FNDZ has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface with transparent metrics on fees, performance, and trading data. The platform is designed to help you find the traders that best match your risk profile.

No exchange risk

FNDZ is safe and secure. Our fully audited smart contracts ensure that users can deposit into a vault without giving up custody of their assets. Only the user’s unique wallet ID can make a withdrawal.

Transparent fee structure

With FNDZ you know exactly what you are paying for. All fees are completely transparent. Every trade is executed via DEX liquidity pools, providing a fair order book with minimal transaction costs.

Accessible to everyone

FNDZ makes copy trading easy. Want to open a vault for your followers or simply copy the best traders in crypto? Either way, FNDZ has you covered.

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