Stake your FNDZ

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Stake your FNDZ

Welcome to FNDZ staking! On this page you will find the details of FNDZ Staking with Ferrum.

General overview

FNDZ Staking can be likened to a savings account — it offers constant time-based returns based on the duration of your staking commitment. In other words, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards.

This Staking pool is flexible. Meaning you have the option to withdraw early, stake until full maturity, or withdraw somewhere in between. But be warned: leaving early comes at a cost.

The staking pool is: FNDZ Staking. The terms, rewards, lengths, minimum contribution, etc. are detailed below.

Simply click on the contract to see its details. Then connect your BEP-20 Web3 wallet (MetaMask) to the contract, deposit your $FNDZ into the pool, and stake until you wish to withdraw. When you wish to withdraw, have your principal and rewards sent back to your wallet. Easy!


Requirements for staking

FNDZ Staking requires a BEP-20 wallet extension such as Metamask, or a compatible Web3 wallet which will automatically link to our staking contract. This is the wallet address you will contribute from and where your earned rewards will be distributed upon withdrawal.

Once the staking pool is opened, a progress bar will be updated daily to show how much the contract has been filled. If you wish to know the exact percentage, please click through to the contract.

Full maturity

Stake until full maturity to receive maximum rewards. Maturity will have a date and time assigned at which time full rewards will be available for withdrawal, so you will know exactly when you can withdraw to receive the maximum rewards

FNDZ Staking 6

Terms and conditions

Full Rewards: 14% annualized

Full maturity: 90 days

Early withdrawal: 60 days

Early withdrawal: 8% annualized

No Minimum, MAX stake allowed 150,000 $FNDZ

Pool size: 7 million FNDZ

Contribution window opened on January 1st at 11 AM UTC

Contribution window closes on January 8th at 11 AM UTC if pool is not filled before then

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