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Fndz audit report

The audits are being carried out by industry leader ZOKYO, whose security team has been following best practices and industry-standard techniques to verify the integrity of FNDZ’s smart contracts. This involves line-by-line review of contract code by developers, documenting any issues as they are discovered. Part of this work includes writing a unit test suite.

  • The audit process includes:
  • As a result of the above, FNDZ is pleased to announce that:
  • ZOKYO auditors gave FNDZ’s contracts the following score:
The audit process includes:
  1. Due diligence in assessing the overall code quality of the codebase;
  2. Cross-comparison with other, similar smart contracts by industry leaders;
  3. Testing contract logic against common and uncommon attack vectors;
  4. Thorough, manual review of the codebase, line-by-line.

Throughout the review process, care was taken to ensure that the contract:

  1. Implements and adheres to existing standards appropriately and effectively;
  2. Documentation and code comments match logic and behavior;
  3. Distributes tokens in a manner that matches calculations;
  4. Follows best practices in efficient use of resources, without unnecessary waste;
  5. Uses methods safe from reentrance attacks;
  6. Is not affected by the latest vulnerabilities;
  7. Whether the code meets best practices in code readability, etc.
As a result of the above, FNDZ is pleased to announce that:

The ZOKYO team has verified the entire set of contracts and concluded that they have excellent structure and high-quality documentation. According to the auditors:

~ The FNDZ team had prepared high quality original unit test coverage, which was evaluated as sufficient for the security of the contracts.

~Auditors have pointed to a potential issue relating to extra permissions for the specific role within the contracts set. Following discussion with the FNDZ team, the feature was verified to be implemented according to design.

~The FNDZ team has verified the existence of specific procedures which guarantee the safety of the funds. Other issues were connected to unfinished functionality, missing checks, and missed functional cases. All mentioned issues were successfully resolved by the FNDZ team.

ZOKYO auditors gave FNDZ’s contracts the following score:

And compared to the industry average

The results demonstrate the proactive approach the FNDZ developers took to meet best practice security standards and due diligence requirements for the implementation of code. As you have seen above, FNDZ received an audit score which was above the industry standard, showing no critical or high issues during the audit.

FNDZ strives to establish a company known for its reliable products that are always of high quality and user-friendly while being extremely secure. Our team of experienced developers with diverse technical backgrounds have a thorough understanding of what is required not only in the development of secure products, but also in their execution. We will always prioritize security and ensure that our smart contracts have been approved by trusted auditors before they are deployed on the mainnet.

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