Meet our Contributors

Meet our

Valentino Cremona

Operations & Tech

Valentino is responsible for the operations and technologies of FNDZ. He is in charge of operations and making sure that all departments operate smoothly and frictionlessly. Previously he was the CEO and founder of AMDAX, the first cryptocurrency company in the Netherlands to obtain custody and exchange licenses from the Dutch central bank. With an academic background in both business and psychology, he launched his investment and trading career at a young age in the early Bitcoin days.

Matthew McElligott


Matthew is responsible for the product of FNDZ. He is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and consultant within the finance, technology & blockchain industries. From a young age he has been trading markets and building quantitative trading strategies. Having worked closely with venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, banks & crypto exchanges he brings diverse experience across a broad range of asset classes to the FNDZ project. Matthew lives between New York, London, and South Africa.

Teuta Oruci

Strategy & Finance

Teuta will be responsible for FNDZ’s Finance department as FNDZ aims to deliver on its growth agenda and advancement of De-Fi copy trading.

Prior to joining FNDZ, Teuta was Chief Financial Officer at WorldPay, eCommerce, and Pepper Europe, She held senior positions at prominent firms such as Schroders, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Barclays Capital, before joining Willis as FD and acting COO. She was also the Chief Financial Officer of Vanguard Europe.

Hans Sundby


Hans is a crypto maximalist with years of experience in the crypto market as a key Investor, CEO, Consultant, marketeer and expert in investments & crypto business development. His main expertise is marketing strategies, tokenomics and business development.


Robert Ligthart


Robert is responsible for all the product design and experience of FNDZ. He is a product designer with a passion for marketing and a firm belief in the importance of designing for people interacting with the brand instead of designing for the brand. Having worked with UI/UX from the age of 12, it has turned out that Robert’s experience and background are tailored to fit his responsibilities within the FNDZ project.

Vivek Tamilarasan


Vivek and his team are responsible for the front- and backend structure of FNDZ. Vivek is the lead developer with the Ionixx team and are making sure that all development angles are being worked coordinated properly and the whole development is structured thoroughly.

Adem Yazid


Adem has years of experience in web development and branding. He has been using these skills to help companies set up the tools necessary to succeed as a strong brand on the global stage. Adem brings his team, skills, and experience to his current role as head of web development at FNDZ.

Varun Kapur

People & Performance

Varun has over 15 years of experience in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital, having previously worked with 2 VC’s and made multiple investments across industries and markets. He is passionate about optimising and scaling teams in addition to contributing to the critical aspects of a scaling startup. At FNDZ, Varun will lead on all things people and culture, ensuring all team members are empowered within their roles, and are aligned with the overarching strategy of the business.

Kim Sungjung

Business Development

Kim is responsible for business development at FNDZ. Kim has held a number of senior roles during her career, including Head of Business Development at a fintech startup. She was also a speaker at Nasdaq tradetalks, Eurasian Digital Economy Forum and Startup Grind. In her prior tenure as Analyst at Fidelity and UBS, she was responsible for tech innovations and worked in six different countries. She is an early adopter in DeFi protocols and cross-chain bridging, a passionate contributor to Korean DAOs and a playful collector of NFTs and meme coins.


Filippo Balsano

Business Development

Filippo has over three years of marketing experience in the blockchain, DeFi, and NFT space. Previously, Filippo spent more than a year as a Binance Angel at, organizing meetups and managing the Binance italian community.

Sarah Gill


Sarah is a rare creative SEO with over 10 years’ experience in digital, including 7 years’ experience at an enterprise level. She has worked in-house for most of her SEO career, with freelance projects completed for government entities and businesses. She focuses on meaningful changes and additions to ways of working that pulls SEO into everyday practice for the whole ecommerce department rather than a separate standalone project.


Giammarco Alo' Saporito

Content & Socials

Giammarco is a marketing specialist and consultant with the desire to take crypto marketing to a different level from the traditional one. He worked as head of marketing operations for a company in the united states and after returning to Italy he launched his personal crypto project in the gaming world. He has managed large advertising budgets, always keeping his attention on company objectives, targets and deadlines. At FNDZ he deals with the management and creation of the marketing strategy.


Andrea Ritondale

Content & Socials

Andrea is a Blockchain, DAO and DeFi marketing specialist. He has 6+ years of DeFi and Blockchain experience. He studied Blockchain business at Dalian University of Technology (China) and is a multiple graduate in Economics and Business Management at an Italian university. He knows everything about cryptos from a technical point of view and assists the marketing team from that perspective. He has managed several projects.


Miles Wert


Miles was born in Spain and raised in Germany where he found his love for film and video production. After attending film school in San Francisco, Miles entered the workforce as an editor for a creative agency. His freelance portfolio continues to grow as he works on marketing and music videos for top record labels (including Republic, Concord, Universal) alongside any other work he feels passionate about.

Robert de Pater


Robert is a lawyer specializing in corporate law and the owner of Gimbrere Advocaten, a law firm with five offices in the Netherlands and Spain. Within the FNDZ project Robert advises the team across all legal fields; creates and maintains the terms and conditions of both the token and platform sides; and oversees all contracts and legal documentation

Edwin Verbeek


Edwin is responsible for the data management of FNDZ. He has years of experience within the retail sector as product expert for Dyson, and within the financial markets as both a successful trader and investor as well as a financial data analyst and data collector at the RFX Wealth Group.

Niels Goorden


Niels is responsible for all the administrative tasks of FNDZ. He is also in charge of the Ambassador Program for traders and platform users within the FNDZ project.  Niels has years of experience within the financial markets as a succesful investor and trader.

Meet our Advisors

Meet our

Jeff Wentworth

Co-founder Curvegrid

Jeff Wentworth is a Co-founder of Curvegrid, a blockchain technology company based in Tokyo, Japan. Previously, Jeff spent six years at Goldman Sachs as a Vice President and global product owner of block and object storage. Prior to that, Jeff was a technology consultant and customer engineer at EMC. He graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Andrea Castiglione

Technology & Product

Andrea spent a large portion of the past decade building bridges between incumbents and emerging digital markets. He has been involved since his youth in developing financial trading and pricing algorithms to support investors worldwide in hedging their portfolios. Blending abstract thinking and social skills, Andrea launched several ventures across a variety of sectors and re-invested his growing resources in supporting outstanding individuals along their journeys. Andrea was an early believer in Bitcoin and has been actively supporting the growth of cryptocurrency ecosystems as a crucial link between these and various institutions.

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