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FNDZ Token

FNDZ is the token that is used in the FNDZ copy trading ecosystem. The FNDZ token allows holders to participate in the copy trading platform.

Token utility

Staking rewards
To stake on the FNDZ platform, users place their FNDZ tokens in a staking contract. Should the user wish to unstake their $FNDZ, they can do so free of charge following a standard unwinding period of 10 days. Unstaking before the 10-day period expires will incur a 5% fee charged on the total amount deposited. The 5% redemption fee is then sent to the FNDZ staking contract and becomes part of the reward for all other FNDZ stakers. FNDZ staking offers weighted rewards. In other words, the amount of FNDZs staked is measured as a share of the total staking pool, and thus a higher contribution results in higher rewards
Staking incentives
Vault owners are incentivized to stake FNDZ tokens to receive an additional 25% of the performance fee, on top of the standard 50%. In order to unlock the extra 25% allocation, the vault owner must stake a minimum of 10K FNDZ tokens. This encourages long-term demand by locking up tokens on the platform, benefitting all users.
FNDZ vaults feature an auto-buy function. Depending on the selected fee model the vault automatically converts 1-2% of the total deposit into FNDZ tokens. On each subsequent new deposit the respective 1-2% will trigger the auto-buy feature of FNDZ tokens. These tokens are not tradable and therefore locked in the vault during the term of the deposit. They can be sold only when a depositor withdraws their funds from the vault.
Index vaults
FNDZ will also offer index vaults. These index vaults feature auto-rebalancing strategies for various asset compositions, such as a market cap weighted average; category indexes such as the Top 10 DeFi-coins; and the Top Five altcoins tracking a specific market segment. Management fees between 1 - 2% and performance fees between 1 - 10% are charged for index vaults. As index vaults have running costs, fees are first put towards meeting these costs; the remainder reverts directly to the FNDZ DAO.
Platform fees
Joining FNDZ is free of charge to all users. Revenue instead flows from a variety of fees. Note that all fees are fully transparent; there are no hidden fees or charges. Fee-based revenues go partly to vault owners and stakers as rewards; partly to FNDZ for the sole purpose of maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure. FNDZ does not profit from fees levied. Four types of fees may be charged: Management fee Performance fee Referral fee Trading fee
Vesting schedule
The vesting schedule for FNDZ tokens received from seed and private round participants, team members, advisors, and marketing activities is set at 10% to be released at launch. The remaining 90% of tokens will be released in monthly 3.75% installments over a 24-month period.
Token distribution
The total supply of FNDZ tokens will be 100,000,000. The FNDZ Token will be allocated into eight separate categories, split between investors, team members and advisors, and functions of the platform.
FNDZ token is available on

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