Buy FNDZ tokens

FNDZ is the world’s easiest DeFi copy trading platform.
Through the FNDZ platform, you will be able to copy your favorite
and best-performing trader without ever having to monitor the markets 24/7.


How to buy FNDZ


Revolut Bank Transfer, Credit Card and Apply Pay.

To buy:

  • Enter a BSC wallet address.
  • It can take a couple of minutes before the coins end up in your wallet. Please wait until the coins have been transferred to your wallet address.

Connect your wallet

Now, that you’ve bought your BNB’s it’s time to connect your wallet. Please make use of the Metamask Chrome extension, the MetaMask app or Trust Wallet.

Swap BNB for FNDZ

Select your BNB on the top side and the FNDZ token on the bottom side, and swap!

Add your BSC network to MetaMask

If you don’t see it at first you will need to add the BSC network to MetaMask. Which you can do by navigating to ‘Settings’ in your menu and look for ‘Networks’.


Add custom token

Open your wallet, click on: add new token. Go to the Custom token tab and add this address in the Token Contract Address field: 0x7754c0584372D29510C019136220f91e25a8f706

Buy your FNDZ tokens today